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US event calendar

There are a lot of cultural and entertaining programs in America throughout the whole year. It’s worth to be prepared for these, since the visitors might drop into a really great fun.


January 1st: The first day of a year isn’t a day for relaxation in the USA, but they organize huge processions all over the country.
Third Monday of January:  Birthday of Martin Luther King, which is celebrated all over the USA, and the festivals are about the great black warrior fighting for civil rights.  
Second half of January: they organize the traditional and famous Sundance festival, where prizes are awarded to primarily young.


Early February is the time for the famous Super Bowl, which is the final of the American Football. The two strongest teams play against each other in a sensational match, which is held in varying places each year. Famous bands and singers hold concerts before the game. Middle of February is the time of the Madri Gras in New Orleans, Louisiana. It is a fantastic program, with pageants, masked balls and parties that last until dawn.
Middle of February is the time of the Chinese New Year; therefore there are huge celebrations in the Chinese districts of the cities with enormous pageants.
February is the month of the first round of the famous Daytona 500 Rally Championship, which is situated in Daytona Beach, Florida.


Early March is the time of the famous country music and rodeo show in Houston.
Early March: Calle Ocho Festival in Miami, Florida, which is the largest Latin festivals in the USA; it lasts for days.
March 17th: People greet the Irish traditions all over the USA on Saint Patrick’s Day.
Middle of March is the time of the Academy Awards in the beautiful Hollywood, where the best actors and directors receive the famous golden Oscar statues.


Early April: The people of the USA also celebrate the traditional Easter holidays. The students have the school off, and thousands of them visit the Southern seaside, particularly Florida.
Middle of April is the time of the famous foot race of Boston.
Late April is the date of the largest Indian festivals of the USA. You get to know the culture of the native Indians. The location is Albuquerque, New Mexico.

First Monday of May: Date of the Kentucky Derby, which is the most famous horse race in the country.
End of May is the time for the opening round of the Indy Car series, with the famous Indianapolis 500.
End of May is the date of the Spoleto Festival, which is the largest artistic festival in the USA. 


Middle of June: the date of the Indian Bayou Native American Festival, which is the oldest of its kind, and is held in Oklahoma City.
End of June is the date of the processions of the American homosexuals all over the country.


July 4th: Independence Day. The whole country celebrates with pageants, festivals and fireworks.
Early July Date of the Taste of Chicago, which is a well-known gastronomic festival with the majestic flavors from the region of the Great Lakes.
July is the month of the popular Tanglewood Music Festival, which lasts whole July in Berkshire Mountains, Massachusetts.


Early August is the date of the Sunflower River Blues and Gospel Festival, which features well-known black blues singers and bands. It is located in Clarksdale, Mississippi.
Middle of August is the time of the memorial week for Elvis Presley near Memphis. It features various concerts.
Middle of August is the date of the largest jazz festival in the country, where the best of jazz are on show. It is organized in Rhode Island, Newport.
End of August is the date of the Burning Man Festival, which is a sensational party in the middle of the desert, where they set everything on fire. Location: Black Rock City, Nevada.
End of August is the time of the Grand Slam Tennis Tour, where the best players of the world match against each other. Location: Madison Square Garden, New York City.


Middle of September is the date of the most famous beauty contest in the country, the Miss America. Location: Atlantic City, New Jersey.
End of September is the time of the Festival Acadiens, the famous French cultural days. Location: Lafayette, Louisiana.
September – October: Major League Baseball Championship, the tournament of the best baseball teams.


Early October: Date of the Texas State Fair, one of the largest fairs in the country. Location: Dallas, Texas.
Middle of October is the date of the Columbus Day Parade, in Los Angeles, California. They celebrate the memory of the great explorer, Columbus with pageants on the Columbus esplanade.
End of October: German residents of the USA organize Oktoberfests in cities all over USA.
October 31st: Halloween. People – especially children - dress into costumes and go from house to house, demanding candies.


First Thursday of November is Thanksgiving Day. This is the beginning of the Christmas Holidays. Pilgrims celebrated they’d stayed alive in 1620 in Plymouth after they stepped ashore. Families gather, and eat roast turkey as a meal.


End of November till the middle of December is the time of the most famous windsurf competitions in the country. Location: Shore O’ahu, Hawaii.
Middle of December is the date of the Las Vegas Rodeo Show, where the best cowboys show what they can do.
December 31st: New Year’s Eve. There are parties all over the country, but the most famous of course is the one on Times Square, New York City.


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