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Nickname: Diamond State
Area: 1 933 sq.mi. (5 006.45 km2)
Highest point: In New Castle City 442 ft. (134.7 m)
Population: 743 500
Capital: Dover
Largest city: Wilmington

Delaware, which is member of the region belonging to the capital of the United States, is located on the shore of the Atlantic-Ocean, and is the second smallest state of the country. The state has a long seaside passage, which determines its characteristics. It has got a lot of busy harbors and popular beaches. It became important, when it enticed many companies to the state by offering auspicious taxing possibilities. Of course, it looks back on a rich history, since the first settlers from Europe arrived in this region. There are two big cities in Delaware. Dover, found in the middle of the state, and Wilmington on the North, which is kind of a suburb of Philadelphia.
Delaware River
Photo: Delaware River, Delaware, USA, flickr.com, by MikeWebkist


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The Delaware State University is seated in Dover, the capital of the state. It’s worth to visit the local State Museum, and its collection, the Delaware Agricultural Museum, which has an agricultural exhibition on display. One may find the Silver Lake in the center of the city, which is surrounded by a beautiful park.
Photo: Legislative Hall, Dover, Delaware, USA, flickr.com, by mmahaffi


If you were visit Wilmington, we would recommend you’d visit the Delaware Art Museum, full of various paintings and statues.
Photo: Wilmington, Delaware, USA, flickr.com, by Flasshe

Once in the state, it’s worth to visit the Nemours Mansion and Garden. It is a beautiful castle and park from the 19th and 20th century. If we’re looking for a beach, or wish to go boating or wind surfing, we can choose among the variety of resorts of Delaware, like: Bay View Beach and Woodland Beach on the North, or the sandy beaches on the South: Big Stone Beach, Broadkill Beach, Rehoboth Beach and the Indian Beach.
Delaware Coast
Photo: Delaware Coast, Delaware, USA, flickr.com, by mac.lachlan

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