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Nickname: The Old Dominion State
Area: 39 700 sq.mi. (102 822.5 km2)
Highest point: Mount Rogers 5 729 ft. (1746.2 m)
Population: 6 836 200
Capital: Richmond
Largest city: Virginia Beach

Virginia is located south from Washington D. C. It is very rich in historical traditions. It was the center of the British Royal Colony in the 17th and 18th centuries. The Western territory is dominated by the Appalachian Mountain, which is a sparsely populated area. Its Eastern part is a flatland with a high density of population. It is bordered by the Atlantic-Ocean and the Chesapeake Bay. The larger cities, which are practically the suburbs of Washington, are Alexandria and Arlington. Virginia Beach, Norfolk and Hampton lie near the entrance of the Chesapeake Bay. Richmond, the capital is situated a bit further off the coast.
Photo: Country, Virginia, USA, flickr.com, by lepork

Alexandria is so much the suburb of Washington, that it is even accessible by subway from the capital. It played a key role in the history of the USA. Its downtown is full of old buildings from the 19th century, which amuse the tourists. We may find the home of Robert E. Lee, a famous general of the civil war here. It is worth to visit the Lee Fendall House Museum, which tells the history of the USA beginning from the War of Independence to the mid 20th century. The Torpedo Factory Art Center is an artistic collection.
Photo: City Hall, Alexandria, Virginia, USA, flickr.com, by Seth Gaines

Norfolk is situated at the entrance of the Chesapeake Bay. It is the center of education and commerce. It is the home of the Norfolk State University and also the world’s largest navy base. It’s worth to visit the Chrysler Museum, where we might see wonderful paintings.
Photo: Norfolk, Virginia, USA, flickr.com, by vnoel

The capital of the state is Richmond, which was also the capital of the Southern States during the civil war between 1861 and 1865. Its main sights and attractions are related to this historical event. It’s worth to visit the beautiful neo-Classicist building of the State Capitol. A life-sized statue of George Washington may be found inside. The Hollywood cemetery in located next to the building, which is the grave yard of nearly 20 thousand soldiers of the South. The famous museums of Norfolk are the Science Museum of Virginia and the Virginia Museum of Fine Arts, where one may see – among many others – the jewelry eggs prepared for Peter Faberge, the Czar of Russia.
Photo: Richmond, Virginia, USA, flickr.com, by asphaltbuffet

We recommend Mount Vernon to everyone, which was the home of the famous American president, George Washington. We’ll find a castle from the 18th century and a magnificent park on this wonderful farm.
Mount Vernon
Photo: Mount Vernon, Virginia, USA, flickr.com, by jpeeden

It’s worth to visit the city of Williamsburg, which was the capital of the state in the era of the British Colonization, in the 18th century. Its downtown has an atmosphere of that past era.
Photo: Williamsburg, Virginia, USA, flickr.com, by Dan Pupek

The city of Charlottesville may also be an important destination for you. It features the magnificent residence of the popular American president, Thomas Jefferson. It is called Monticello, and it is surrounded by a beautiful park. The city is the home of the University of Virginia.
Photo: Monticelo, Charlottesville, Virginia, USA, flickr.com, by aprilandrandy

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