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Nickname: Green Mountain State
Area: 9 273 sq.mi. (24 017 km2)
Highest point: Mount Mansfield 4 393 ft. (1339 m)
Population: 593 200
Capital: Montpelier
Largest city: Burlington

Vermont lies in the North-Eastern corner of the United States. Together with 5 other surrounding states (Maine, New Hampshire, Massachusetts, Connecticut, Rhode Island) they are called “New England”. This name was given by the British Settlers in the early 17th century, for its climate is very similar to Great Britain’s; however the winters are much colder here. The region is rich of historical and cultural traditions. Its early history is the history of the United States itself. The first settlers arrived to this territory, and created their own colony.

Vermont is bordered by Canada in the North, and it is among the smaller states of the USA. It is sparsely populated, and primarily wins the heart of people with its natural beauty. The state is criss-crossed with mountains, which are covered with magnificent forest, with wonderful flora and fauna. There are a lot of ski resorts near the foot of the mountains. One may also find several lakes across the state that are waiting for the fishermen and offer possibilities to go boating.
Photo: Country, Vermont, USA, flickr.com, by paul+photos=moody

There are only a few larger cities in the state. One of them is the capital, Montpelier, which preserved its French traditions. It is the administrational center of Vermont. Rutland, Bennington and the University City, Burlington are situated near the Green Mountain National Forest.
Photo: State House, Montpelier, Vermont, USA, flickr.com, by stgermh

Burlington is the largest city of Vermont; it is the commercial and industrial center of the city. It lies on the shore of the Lake Champlain, with several old buildings, castles and churches. It’s worth to walk along the Church Street Marketplace, which is the shopping street of the city. It’s also worth to visit the Robert Hull Fleming Museum, where we can see statues, paintings and other works of art. The First Unitarian Church and the City Hall are both wonderful buildings. It’s worth to go boating on Lake Champlain, which is a 190 kilometer long lake, with more than 70 islands.
Photo: Burlington, Vermont, USA, flickr.com, by redjar

If you go in for skiing, don’t miss out the village of Stowe, which is the capital of skiing in the New England region. People, who come here to ski for the first time, will definitely come back again. The largest ski resort on the East coast, Killington, also gives the sportsmen an unforgettable experience.
Photo: Ski Area, Stowe, Vermont, USA, flickr.com, by Jadelia

The Green Mountain National Forest is the largest protected area in the state. It is a nearly 150 000 acres large forest, criss-crossed with tourist paths, lakes and camping facilities. If we happen to be in this region, it is worth to visit the city of Bennington, which is located South-West from the National Forest. The main sight of the city is the 93 meters tall Bennington Battle Monument, which perpetuates the victory of the American over the British in 1777, during the War of Independence.
Bennington Monument
Photo: Bennington Monument, Green Mountain National Forest, Vermont, USA, flickr.com by redjar

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