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Nickname: Beehive State
Area: 82 076 sq.mi. (212 575.9 km2)
Highest point: Kings Peak 13 528 ft. (4123.3 m)
Population: 2 118 300
Capital: Salt Lake City
Largest city: Salt Lake City

The central region of Utah is dominated by the Wasatch Mountain, which is covered by smaller and larger forests. You may find the Great Salt Lake and the surrounding Great Salt Lake Desert in the North-Western region of the state. The Eastern and Western parts feature naked rocks, with meadows in some places, followed by semi-deserted areas. Utah is one of the least sparely populated states of the USA. The more populous cities are Ogden, Salt Lake City and Provo in the North, and Cedar City and St. George in the South.
Photo: Country, Utah, USA, flickr.com, by corypina

The largest city of the state is Salt Lake City, which is also the capital. The city is the administrational, educational, commercial and cultural center of Utah. Salt Lake City is also known as the center of the Mormon religion. The six towered main Church and assembly room of the city is the Mormon Tabernacle. The city is the home of the University of Utah. It’s worth to visit the majestic building of the State Capitol, where we get to know the history of the state, and we may also check out the Family History Library, which introduces the lives of Mormon families. The main attraction of the city is the 23 meters tall Eagle Gate which has a 6 meter wide statue of an eagle on its top, which weighs 2 tons. It’s also worth to visit the Hansen Planetarium and the Hogle Zoo. We can have a facile relaxation, if we go to the shore of the Great Salt Lake. Sandy beaches are waiting for the guests, and you may also go pleasure boating.
Salt Lake City
Photo: Salt Lake City, Utah, USA, flickr.com, by statico

Town Hall
Photo: Town Hall, Salt Lake City, Utah, USA, flickr.com, by pbo31

Park City is situated east from Salt Lake City. It’s famous for the popular Sundance Film Festival, which was founded by Robert Redford. It is an annual event in the city. There are fantastic ski resorts around the city, which were the locations of the Winter Olympic Games in 2000.
Park City
Photo: Park City, Utah, USA, flickr.com, by VegasStudent

Cedar City is situated in the Southern part of Utah. It was also founded by the Mormons in 1851. The former mining city is now a popular place for tourism. There are several ski resorts in the neighborhood. If you happen to visit the city, check out the Iron Mission State Park and Museum, which is an exhibition about the early history of the city and the hard work of mining.
Cedar City
Photo: festival, Cedar City, Utah, USA, flickr.com, by Todd Robert Petersen

With its romantic countryside’s, wonderful national parks and memorial places, Utah is a true paradise for the hikers and tourists.

The national parks and memorial places of Utah are:

· Arches National Park, with fantastic formations of rocks
Arches National Park
Photo: Arches National Park, Utah, USA, flickr.com, by herr_hartmann

· Timpanogos Cave National Monument, featuring wonderful caves
Timpanogos Cave
Photo: Timpanogos Cave National Monument, Utah, USA, flickr.com, by bluemodern

· Canyonlands National Park, beautiful canyons created by the Colorado- and the  Green Rivers
Photo: Canyonlands National Park, Utah, USA, flickr.com, by Molas

· Glen Canyon National Recreation Area, the location of the huge Lake Powel, which is a popular target for hikers. It offers an unforgettable experience for the lovers of water sports
Glen Canyon
Photo: Glen Canyon National Park, Utah, USA, flickr.com, by vanallensb

· Zion National Park is a romantic countryside featuring rich flora and fauna – gives an unforgettable experience
Photo: Zion National Park, Utah, USA, flickr.com, by Ken Lund

· Bryce Canyon National Park, one may find formations of rocks flaunting in the different shades of red and orange – the place amuses every of its visitors
Bryce Canyon
Photo: Bryce Canyon National Park, Utah, USA, flickr.com, by Scandblue

· Capitol Reef National Park, the park is the home of the Dixie National Forest, which is a wonderful sight.
Capitol Reef
Photo: Capitol Reef National Park, Utah, USA, flickr.com, by mandj98

One may find several ski resorts in Utah. It is the second after Colorado, with ski resorts called the: Beaver Mountain Ski Area, Nordic Valley Ski Area, Powder Mountain Ski Area, Showbasin Ski Area, Elk Meadows Ski Resort and Brian Head Ski Resort.
Photo: Ski Area, Utah, USA, flickr.com, by JohnnyWood

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