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Nickname: Volunteer State
Area: 41 154 sq.mi. (106 588.4 km2)
Highest point: Clingmans Dome 6 643 ft. (2024.8 m)
Population: 5 470 400
Capital: Nashville
Largest city: Memphis

Tennessee became the 16th member of the United States of America in 1769. Its geography features expanded flatlands in the Western and central regions, which are sliced up by three main rivers, the Mississippi, Tennessee and the Cumberland. The Eastern territory is dominated by the forests of the Appalachian Mountains. The larger cities are Memphis and Jackson on the West, Nashville and Chattanooga in the middle, and Knoxville, Johnson City, Kingsport and Bristol in the East.
Photo: Country, Tennessee, USA, flickr.com, by oh that rachel!

The capital of the state is Nashville, with a population of nearly half a million. It lies on both sides of the Cumberland River. The city is the financial and educational center of the state, and also the home of the Vanderbilt University. But what it’s really famous for throughout America is the country music. Many people say that Nashville is the capital of country music. It’s worth to visit the famous museums and popular historical sites. It definitely advised to visit the Country Music Hall of Fame and Museum where we may get to know the history of the country music. We might also visit the Tennessee State Museum, which talks about the history of the state, and the First Center, which is the artistic center of the city. It’s worth to pay a visit to Hermitage, which was the home of the famous former president, Andrew Jackson. We may also check out the Grand Ole Opry House, which is a concert and presentation complex with more than 4000 seats. They play famous country music on its stage.
Photo: Nashville, Tennessee, USA, flickr.com, by Brent and MariLynn

The largest city of the state is Memphis. It lies on the riverside of the Mississippi. The city is the home of the rock’n’roll, which was born from blues. Memphis is famous for its stirring night life, and the series of concerts and festivals. The Beel Street is regarded to be the entertainment quarter of the city. It is flanked by restaurants, bars and night clubs. Millions of people come here from all over the USA to enjoy themselves. It’s worth to visit the Sun Studio; the careers of several famous musicians started here, like Elvis’s, Johnny Cash’s and Jerry Lee Lewis’s. If you feel like listening to rock, soul or blues, you might want to check out the Center of Southern Folklore complex, for they continuously have concerts here. You may also visit the Memphis Rock’n’Roll Museum, which is about the history of Rock’n’Roll music; or the National Civil Rights Museum, which is a tribute to the well-known warrior for civil rights, Martin Luther King, who was killed in an attempt in Memphis in 1968.
Photo: Memphis, Tennessee, USA, flickr.com, by leff

We may also visit the city of Chattanooga, and check out the wonderful Tennessee Aquarium. If you’re well off with time, you can take an excursion to the Great Smoky Mountains National Park, which has such various flora and fauna that amuses the tourists.
Photo: Chattanooga Aquarium, Tennessee, USA, flickr.com, by Brent and MariLynn

Great Smoky National Park
Photo: Great Smoky National Park, Tennessee, USA, flickr.com, by Chip Bennett!

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