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Rhode Island

Nickname: The Ocean State
Area: 1 054 sq.mi. (2 729.8 km2)
Highest point:  Jerimoth Hill 812 ft. (247.5 m)
Population: 990 200
Capital: Providence
Largest city: Providence

Rhode Island lies in the North-Eastern corner of the United States. Together with 5 other surrounding states (Maine, New Hampshire, Massachusetts, Connecticut, Vermont) they are called “New England”. This name was given by the British Settlers in the early 17th century, for its climate is very similar to Great Britain’s; however the winters are much colder here. The region is rich of historical and cultural traditions. Its early history is the history of the United States itself. The first settlers arrived to this territory, and created their own colony.
Rhode Island
Photo: Country, Rhode Island, USA, flickr.com, by Duo De Hale

The tiny miniature state is the smallest among the states of the New England region. A part of the state consists of several small islands; the other part is on the mainland. The two larger cities are the capital, Providence and Newport.

Providence is the capital of Rhode Island. It has a population of 200 000 people, and it is the administrative and educational center of the state. It’s got a busy harbor. It is the home of the Brown University, which is a complex of old buildings that offer a fantastic sight. The most beautiful building of the downtown is the Rhode Island State House. It’s worth to visit the popular Waterplace Park and Riverwalk, and the Roger Williams Park and Zoo. The RISD Museum of Art has further interesting things to show to the tourists including an artistic collection. The Providence Athenaeum is an extremely rich library.
Photo: State House, Providence, Rhode Island, USA, flickr.com, by Julie70

The magnificent city of Newport is situated on the island that called Rhode Island. In the past centuries, it was the resort of the rich and wealthy families of New York, who escaped from the boiling summer heat to their giant villas and luxurious palaces on Rhode Island. The wonderful harbor is perfect for going on a pleasure boat trip, or to be on the beach or go windsurfing. The most famous beaches of the island are: Charlestown Beach, Misquamicut State Beach, Scarborough State Beach, Roger Wheeler Memorial Beach and East Matunuck State Beach.
Photo: Newport, Rhode Island, USA, flickr.com, by gapplewagen

It’s worth to take and excursion to the farthest island, the Block Island. This remained quite untouched, which offers a fantastic experience for the tourists.
Block Island
Photo: Block Island, Rhode Island, USA, flickr.com, by redperm

Block Island
Photo: Block Island, Rhode Island, USA, flickr.com, by Paul-W

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