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Nickname: Grand Canyon State
Area: 113 510 sq.mi. (293 989.5 km2)
Highest point: Humphreys Peak 12 633 ft. (3 850.5 m)
Population: 4 830 600
Capital: Phoenix
Largest city: Phoenix

A high chain of mountains dominate the middle part of Arizona, which are covered with smaller and larger forests, namely the: Kaibab National Forest, the Prescott National Forest, the Tonito National Forest, the Apache National Forest and the Coronado National Forest. The South-Western part of the state is a desert. The Sonora and the Yuma deserts are found here. Its North-Western part is a flatland, where smaller grasslands, meadows, rocky and semi-desert areas switch each other. The Northern and South-Western parts of the state are sparsely populated. The largest cities are Flagstaff in the North, Phoenix and Mesa in the middle and Tucson in the South.


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The capital and the largest city of the state is Phoenix. Nearly three million people live here, including the suburbs of Phoenix: Mesa, Scottsdale, Sun City, Glendale, Peoria, Tempe, Gilbert and Chandler. This is more than half of the population of the state. Phoenix is an administrational, commercial, educational, transformational and cultural center. It has several higher educational institutions, like the Arizona State University, the Grand Canyon University, and the American Indian College. It’s worth to visit the majestic building of the State Capitol. We can get to know the history of the state in the Arizona State Capitol Museum. A famous artistic collection is on display in the Phoenix Art Museum, and a scientific exhibition is shown in the Arizona Science Center. The Arizona Mining and Mineral Museum has an exhibition about the history of mining. One can become familiar with the history of the city in the Phoenix History Museum.
Photo: Phoenix, Arizona, USA, flickr.com, by Kingdafy


The second largest city of Arizona is Tucson; located on the Southern part of the state. It is a center of transportation and culture as well. The famous Pan-American Highway crosses the city, which leads from Puerto Mont of Chile to San Diego, California all the way through South and Central America. We may witness the meeting of the Anglo-Saxon and Spanish cultures in Tucson. The beautiful buildings provide an awe-inspiring sight. The main precious stone of the city is the beautiful St. Augustine Cathedral. You should take a visit to the famous museums of the city. The Arizona State Museum shows the history of the state, while the Tucson Museum of Art has a magnificent artistic collection on display. The Arizona-Sonora Desert Museum offers an interesting exhibition about the history, vegetation and fauna of the Sonora Desert.
Courthouse, Tucson
Photo: Courthouse, Tucson, USA, flickr.com, by ZenPanda

It’s worth to take a trip to the Nogales, a border city in the state, which consists of two parts: one American and one Mexican. The Mexican part is rather interesting. We get the chance to take a sneak peak in the swarming life of the Mexicans, which features musical pubs and street bazaars.Tombstone, the famous city of the Wild West is situated east from Nogales. It was the scene of several movies; the legendary battle between the Earp Brothers and the Clanton Gang was here in 1881. Nowadays a museum is meant to show you the story of the era of the Wild West.

Lake Havasu City is a popular resort. It is found in the North-Western side of the state, on the side of the Colorado River. We can find the London Bridge here, which was the ancient bridge of London. It was transported here from Great Britain, and had been set up in its original splendor.


The largest city of the Northern part of Arizona is Flagstaff, which is a center of transportation. We can find the Museum of Northern Arizona in its beautiful downtown, which has one of the most valuable collections of the state on display.

The Navajo Indian Reservation – the largest in the country – is also found in Arizona. We can also find some other ones as well, like the Hopi-, Fort Apache-, Tohono O’Odham-, Hualapai- and Kaibab Indian Reservations.

With its romantic countryside, beautiful national parks and historical monuments, Arizona is the paradise of the hikers and adventure tourists.

National parks and historical monuments:

· Grand Canyon National Park – It’s almost unnecessary to introduce this park to anybody. It is part of the World Heritage, and its rocky canyon offers a splendid sight.
Grand Canyon
Photo: Grand Canyon, Arizona, USA, flickr.com, by Michael

· Monument Valley – Another pearl of Arizona. Its huge remnant hills charm every visitor.
Monument Valley
Photo: Monument Valley, Arizona, USA, flickr.com, by Mister

· Canyon de Chelly National Monument – The high, rocky mountains offer a fantastic outlook onto the productive valley, which is like an oasis.

· Petrified Forest National Park – We’ll never forget the sight of the petrified forest of the park.

· Saguaro National Park and Organ Pipe Cactus National Monument – the enormous cactuses offer a fantastic sight.
Photo: Countryside, Arizona, USA, flickr.com, by Faded Photographs

Ski centers: Williams Ski Resort, Arizona Snowball, Sunrise Ski Resort

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