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Nickname: Sooner State
Area: 68 656 sq.mi. (177 818.2 km2)
Highest point: Black Mesa 4 973 ft. (1515.8 m)
Population: 3 370 400
Capital: Oklahoma City
Largest city: Oklahoma City

The Eastern and central regions of Oklahoma State are flatlands, or maybe a bit hilly. Its Western part however is bordered by the Rocky Mountains. Its altitude above sea level gradually rises from East to West. The majority of the settlements are located in the Eastern and central regions; its Western part is an extremely sparsely populated area. Oklahoma’s got a well-developed agriculture, and it’s also an important site for oil. The largest cities in the Eastern part are Bartlesville, Tulsa and Muskogee, and Enid, Oklahoma City and Lawton in the central region.
Photo: Country, Oklahoma, USA, flickr.com, by Donnali

The largest city and also the capital of the state is Oklahoma City. It is the center of transportation, education, agriculture and the oil industry. It’s got several higher educational institutions, like the Oklahoma City University, the Southern Nazareth University and the Oklahoma State University of O. C. It’s worth to visit the museums of the city: the Oklahoma State Museum of History, which introduces the history of both the city and the state; the National Cowboy Museum, which is a fantastic exhibition of the Wild West; and the Art Museum, with a wonderful artistic gallery. If you feel like going for a walk, visit the amazing Lincoln Park, which is the home of the City Zoo too.
Oklahoma City
Photo: Oklahoma City, Oklahoma, USA, flickr.com, by Jason B.

The second largest city of the state is Tulsa, on the riverside of the Arkansas River. It is the center of education, transportation and the oil industry. It is the home of the Oral Roberts University and the Oklahoma State University of Tulsa. It is worth to visit the Philbrook Museum of Art and the Thomas Gilcrease Institute, which both feature a rich artistic collection. If you have some time, take a walk in the Mohawk Park, where you’ll find the City Zoo. You may also check out the Prayer Tower Visitor Center, which is an interesting sight. It is a 60 meters tall praying hands, made of glass and steel.
Photo: Tulsa, Oklahoma, USA, flickr.com, by Majdan

It’s worth to visit the former capital of the Cherokee Indians, the city of Tahlequah. It is the home of the Cherokee Heritage Center, which tells the history of the Cherokee Indians, by introducing an Indian Village that remained from the 19th century. The Osage Indian Reservations, which is one of the largest reservations in the USA, is situated North-West from Tahlequah, near Tulsa. It has some other interesting things to show us too.
Photo: Seminary Hall, Tahlequah, Oklahoma, USA, flickr.com, by Tim Morgan

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