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Nickname: The Silver State
Area: 109 895 sq.mi. (284 626.7 km2)
Highest point: Boundary Peak 13 140 ft. ( 4 005.1 m)
Population: 1 889 000
Capital: Carson City
Largest city: Las Vegas

The majority of the territory of Nevada is a deserted or semi-deserted land, with bare rocks and chains of mountains. We discern two deserted areas: the Armargosa Desert in the Southern part and the Black Rock and the Owyhee Desert in the North-West. The higher mountains in the central part are covered with forests; these are the Humboldt National Forest and the Toiyabe National Forest. Nevada is one of the most sparsely populated states of the USA. Its populous cities are Las Vegas in the South and Carson City and Reno in the West.
Photo: Red Rock Canyon, Nevada, USA, flickr.com, by Jill-Glossy Veneer

The largest and world-famous casino city of the state is Las Vegas. Vegas is now not only known for its gambling den, but it recently became one of the world’s largest entertainment and show centers, which offers relaxation for every age. The slogan of Las Vegas is: “The city, that never sleeps”. The city is the center of transportation, tourism, commerce and culture. The main street of Las Vegas is the famous esplanade, the Strip, flanked by the most famous hotels of the city, which are the main attractions of Vegas too. (The hotels are completely torn down and rebuilt after a certain period of time; our list contains the state of 2007, heading from South to North along the Strip)
Las Vegas
Photo: Las Vegas, Nevada, USA, flickr.com, by KirbysDL

- Four Seasons Hotel, which wins peoples heart with its classicist style.
- Mandalay Bay Hotel, which reminds a tropical paradise with palm trees and a wonderful spa.
- Luxor Hotel which has a vague idea of the ancient Egypt, with a fantastic pyramid-shaped hotel.
- Excalibur Hotel which cites Great Britain in the Middle Ages. It is a castle-like hotel, where they organize tournaments for knight and actors dress up in exact costumes.
- Tropicana Hotel the wonderful glass ceiling lends a luxurious perspective to the hotel.
- New York New York Hotel this complex represents New York City. It has a smaller copy of the Statue of Liberty and the skyscrapers of Manhattan.
- Monte Carlo Hotel cites the atmosphere of Monaco, which is on the shore of the Mediterranean See.
- MGM Grand Hotel, the largest hotel in Las Vegas and the USA as well, which satisfies everyone’s needs. The statue of a 15 meters tall lion, which is the symbol of the MGM film studio, stands in front of it.
- Showcase Mall, a popular shopping center, with a huge Coca-Cola can in front of it.
- Planet Hollywood (Aladdin Hotel, the charming New-Aladdin Hotel opened its gates in 2000. It can satisfy every last of your wishes. It is called the Planet Hollywood since 2007.
- Paris Hotel is meant to cite the French capital in Vegas. It has a smaller replica of the Eiffel-tower in front of it.
- Bellagio is one of the most luxurious hotels of Las Vegas. It was built in 1998. It is decorated with glass flowers in its lounge.
- Caesars Palace is one of the most luxurious and famous hotel in Vegas. Its building is decorated with the copies of ancient Roman statues.
- Rio Hotel is one of the highlighted spots in Las Vegas, which flushes an exotic atmosphere.
- Flamingo Hilton Hotel is one of the first complexes in Vegas; it has fantastic neon lights on its façade.
- Imperial Palace cites Asia in the heart of Vegas. Its entrance is a huge Asian pagoda, and it is also famous for its collection of old-timer cars.
- Mirage Hotel is one of the most imposing hotels in Las Vegas. It has an imitation of an erupting volcano beside the entrance.
- Venetian Hotel is a luxurious hotel complex citing Venice with its buildings and channels. It is a splendid sight.
- Treasure Island, the fantastic pirate show is one of the most interesting shows in Vegas.
- Fashion Show Mall is the largest shopping and entertainment center in Vegas.
- Wynn Resort is one of the newest giant hotels in Vegas. The 50 storey tall Wynn is astonishing.
- Circus Circus Hotel draws its guests with spectacular circus performances and festivals.
- Stratosphere Tower is 350 meters tall, and it’s the tallest building in Las Vegas. There is a restaurant on the top, offering a fantastic lookout onto the city.
- Riviera Hotel cites Las Vegas of the 70-80-ties with its spectacular neon lights.
- Sahara Hotel is recommended for connoisseurs. The Sahara has a desert atmosphere.
- Echelon Resort (under construction in place of the former Stardust Hotel), will be opened in 2010, and it will be the 21st centurion hotel of Vegas.
- City Center (under construction in place of the former Boardwalk H&C) is estimated to be opened in 2009. It will be the largest hotel complex in Ls Vegas with its multi storey towers.

It’s worth to discover the other area of Vegas as well. Fremont Street is full of shops and older and cheaper casinos. It features a giant steel ceiling over the whole street. They project fantastic light and laser shows from here after 7 PM. Go and check out the museums of the city. The Nevada State Museum introduces the history of the state and Vegas. The Las Vegas Natural History Museum is a fascinating exhibition of natural science. The Lied Discovery Children’s Museum offers great fun for the children, and the Liberace Museum is a tribute to the formerly most famous showman in Vegas, Liberace.
Las Vegas
Photo: Las Vegas, Nevada, USA, flickr.com, by Christopher Chan

The well-known Hoover Dam is situated near Boulder City, which is South-East form Las Vegas. It’s definitely recommended to check it out, because it offers a magnificent outlook from its top onto the narrow and rocky valley of the Colorado River.
 Boulder City
Photo: Boulder City, Nevada, USA, flickr.com, by Willem van Bergen

Hoover Dam
Photo: Hoover Dam, Nevada, USA, flickr.com, by jeroen020

Overton is situated North-East of Las Vegas. The Valley of Fire State Park and the Lost City Museum of Archeology, which features native Indian historical objects, are situated near the city.

We might also make an interesting excursion in the Death Valley National Park, which is to be found North-West from Las Vegas, or we may also go skiing or snowboarding on the slopes of the Charleston Peak in the Las Vegas Ski and Snowboard Resort.
Death Valley
Photo: Death Valley, Nevada, USA, flickr.com, by Nealy-J

The second largest city of Nevada is Reno, in the North-Western territory of the state. It is also a casino city. Its slogan is: „The biggest little city in the world”. The main attraction of the city is the largest car museum of the USA, which has practically all the models on display, which had ever been in production in the USA.
Photo: Reno, Nevada, USA, flickr.com, by paulsid

Photo: Reno, Nevada, USA, flickr.com, by gottlieb

The third largest city of the state is Carson City, which is located south of Reno. It is the center of administration. It’s worth to visit the majestic building of the Nevada State Capitol, and the Nevada State Railroad Museum, where we get to know old steam locomotives and railroad carriages.
Carson City
Photo: State Capitol, Carson City, Nevada, USA, flickr.com, by OK-59

If you have a little extra time, go and discover the Great Basin National Park in the East. It has a wonderful countryside, snowy mountains and fantastic caves, like the dripstone Lehmann Caves.
Great Basin National Park
Photo: Great Basin National Park, Nevada, USA, flickr.com, by rscottjones

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