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Nickname: Cornhusker State
Area: 76 639  sq.mi. (198 494.1 km2)
Highest point: Kimball County 5 426 ft. (1 653.8 m)
Population: 1 667 600
Capital: Lincoln
Largest city: Omaha

The Eastern and central territories of Nebraska State are expanded plains. It has one of the largest, contiguous prairies in the USA. Its Western part is a rocky territory with smaller mountains and canyons. Its altitude above sea-level gradually rises from East to West. The density of the population is low, and its Northern and Western regions are extremely sparsely populated.
Photo: Country, Nebraska, USA, flickr.com, by bsmith4815,

The two largest cities in the South-Eastern part of the state are Omaha and Lincoln.

The capital of Nebraska is Lincoln, which is also the center of administration and education. The city is the home of the University of Nebraska and the Nebraska Wesleyan University. The most beautiful building in the city is the Nebraska State Capitol, which has a 120 meters tall tower, built of limestone. It is worth to visit the museums of the city, like: the Museum of Nebraska History, which talks about the state, and the University of Nebraska State Museum, where we get to see Indian works of art.
Photo: State Capitol, Lincoln, Nebraska, USA, flickr.com, by ChadoeKyll,

The largest city of Nebraska is Omaha, which is situated on the riverside of the Missouri. The city is the center of transportation in the state. Go and pay a visit to the Durham Western Heritage Museum, which is an exhibition about the history of the city, and the Roslyn Art Museum, which has a fantastic artistic collection with paintings and statues waiting for us.
Photo: Omaha, Nebraska, USA, flickr.com, by shannonpatrick17,

If you have some extra time, visit the rural territories of the state as well. You take an excursion to the Chadron and Fort Robinson State Park, which are near the city of Chardon in the North-Western part of Nebraska. We can take part in exciting trips in the huge prairies of the Oglala National Grassland of in the beautiful forests of the Nebraska National Forest.

It is also worth to visit the city of North Platte, because you’ll find the Buffalo Bill Ranch State Historical Park here and the Lake C. W. McConaughy next to it, which is the largest lake in the state with boating and fishing possibilities. The Winnebago Indian Reservation and the Omaha Indian Reservation may have some interesting things to show you as well.
North Platte
Photo: Buffalo Bill's House, North Platte, Nebraska, USA, flickr.com, by DaveTBear,

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