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Nickname: Treasure State
Area: 145 388 sq.mi. (376 553.2 km2)
Highest point: Granite Peak 12 799 ft. ( 3 901.1 m)
Population: 882 000
Capital: Helena
Largest city: Billings

The Western and central regions of Montana State are highland territories, which are determined by the high chains of the Rocky and the Bitterroot Mountains. The Central and Western part of the state is covered with evergreen forests, while the central territory is grassland called the prairie, and the Eastern part features agricultural – the main crop they grow here is wheat. Montana is one of the least sparsely populated places in the USA; its population is somewhat over 1 million. The larger cities of the state are Miles City and Billings in East, Butte, Helena, Bozemann and Great Falls in the central region and Missoula and Kalispell in West.
Photo: Country, Montana, USA, flickr.com, by atonal

The largest city of the state is Billings, which is a center of transportation. The famous Yellowstone National Park is just a bit South-West from the city, but it is in Wyoming State. If you happen to be in the city, visit the beautiful paintings and statues in the Yellowstone Art Museum, and check out the native animals of the Wild West in the Montana Zoo.
Photo: Billings, Montana, USA, flickr.com, by kro

The capital of the state is Helena, which is surrounded by the forests of the Wild West. It is the center of administration. We get to see the wonderful Montana State Capitol here, which has a cupola made of copper.
Photo: State Capitol, Helena, Montana, USA, flickr.com, by Jesse Michael Nix

The city of Great Falls is situated in the Northern part of Montana. The Missouri River crosses the city, and has several wonderful waterfalls along its flow. The city is the home of the Lewis and Clark National Historic Trail Interpretive Center, which tells the story of an expedition back in the early 19th century, when they discovered the Wild West.

Missoula is situated in the Western part of the Montana. It is the educational and timber industrial center of the state. The city is the home of the University of Montana. It’s worth to visit the local Museum of Art, which is a fantastic artistic collection. The Rocky Mountain Visitor Center has an exhibition about the Rocky Mountain.
Photo: University of Montana, Missoula, Montana, USA, flickr.com, by Daniel Montesinos

If we’re well off with time, we can participate in some interesting adventure trips and rafting in the Bitterroot-, Beaverhead-, Gallatin-, and Custer National Forests, which are in the South-Western region of the state.
Photo: Blodgett Canyon, Bitterroot, Montana, USA, flickr.com, by sea turtle

Photo: Bass Creek, Bitterroot, Montana, USA, flickr.com, by jen-the-librarian

Montana is the home the Flathead-, Blackfeet-, Rocky Boy’s-, Fort Belknap-, Fort Peck-, Crow-, and Northern Cheyenne Indian Reservations, which have a lot of interesting things to show us.
Photo: Bitterrot, Montana, USA, flickr.com, by sea turtle

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