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Nickname: North Star State, Land of 10 000 Lakes
Area: 79 548 sq.mi. (206 028.4 km2)
Highest point: Eagle Mountain 2 301 ft. (701.3 m)
Population: 4 750 300
Capital: St. Paul
Largest city: Minneapolis

Minnesota is one of the largest states of the USA. Its nickname is the Land of the 10 000 Lakes. The name refers to its natural geography. There are smaller and larger river criss-crossing the state, which created more than ten thousand lakes. It would be pointless to search for higher highland territories in the state, since the majority of the state is a flatland. The density of the population decreases when heading from South to North. The Northern territories are extremely sparsely populated; we can hardly find any villages here. The two larger cities in the central part are Duluth, on the shore of Lake Superior, and Moorhead, which is near the border with North Dakota. The larger cities in the Southern region are St. Cloud, Mankato and Rochester and the twin cities: Minneapolis and St. Paul.
Photo: Country, Minnesota, USA, flickr.com, by Deadly Tedly

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Duluth is a busy harbor and a popular tourist center. It’s worth to visit the Air Bridge in the city, which is found in the harbor and has a 115 meter tall arch. The Lake Superior Maritime Visitor Center is situated next to the bridge, and it tells the nautical history of the Great Lakes. Take a tour in the artistic center of the city, the St. Louis County Heritage and Arts Center, where you may see collections of several kinds. If you’re well off with time, go for a fantastic excursion along the shore of the Great Lakes with the old trains of the North Shore Scenic Railroad.
Photo: Air Bridge, Duluth, Minnesota, USA, flickr.com, by MOEVIEW is Aaron Molina


The twin cities, which are closely connected, are Minneapolis and St. Paul. They are a sharp contrast of each other. Minneapolis is a modern city with skyscrapers, and it is the commercial and financial center of the state. St. Paul however preserved its antiquated characteristics, and it is the administrational and educational center of the state. It’s worth to visit the cultural centers and museums of Minneapolis. Go and visit the Minneapolis Institute of Arts, which is the largest and most beautiful collection of paintings and statues in the state. You might also want to visit the Walker Art Center, which has permanent and temporary artistic exhibitions for the visitors as well. More of the large universities of the state are situated in St. Paul: the University of Minnesota, the University of St. Thomas and the University of Concordia. It is worth to visit the Minnesota History Center, which talks about the history of the state, or visit two of the most beautiful building the Minnesota State Capitol and the City Hall and Courthouse.
Photo: Minneapolis, Minnesota, USA, flickr.com, by moonshake

St. Paul
Photo: St. Paul, Minnesota, USA, flickr.com, by "clairity"

One may go on exciting excursions in the state, discovering the Superior National Forest or the Chippewa National Forest. There are also many Indian Reservations throughout the state, where one may get to know the Indian culture.
Gooseberry Falls
Photo: Gooseberry Falls State Park, Minnesota, USA, flickr.com, by omarr

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