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Nickname: Great Lakes State
Area: 56 959 sq.mi. (147 523.1 km2)
Highest point: Mount Arvon 1 979 ft. (603.2 m)
Population: 9 859 700
Capital: Lansing
Largest city: Detroit

Michigan, the state that lies in the region of the Great Lakes, is divided into two parts by the Straits of Mackinac. The Southern part is called the Lower Peninsula, which is bordered by Lake Michigan on the West, Lake Huron, Lake St. Claire and Lake Erie from East and Indiana and Ohio on the South. The smaller Northern part is called the Upper Peninsula, which is bordered by Lake Michigan and Lake Huron from South, Lake Superior on the North and Wisconsin from West. It would be pointless to search for higher highland territories in the state, since the majority of the state is a flatland. The density of the population decreases when heading from South to North. The Northern territories are sparsely populated; the area is covers with larger forests. There’s only one large city in the state, which is Detroit, and there are some middle-sized citied, like the capital, Lansing. Tourism is significant in the state, because the quaint coastlines attract a vast number of tourists, especially in summer.
Photo: Country, Michigan, USA, flickr.com, by CaptPiper


Detroit is world-famous for its car industry. The city is the commercial, financial and of course, the industrial center of the state, yet it is also rich in cultural institutions. The headquarters of three large American car manufacturers are to be found in the city: General Motors’, Ford’s and Chrysler’s. They have a few factories here too. It’s also worth to visit the museums, because we may find some interesting exhibitions. Do visit the Detroit Historical Museum, which not only tells the history of the city, but the history of the car industry as well. The Detroit Institute of Art shows beautiful paintings from the past century. The Motown Historical Museum offers an exhibition on music. The Dossin Great Lakes Museum, which is situated in the Belle Isle Park, introduces the nautical history of the Great Lakes to us. It’s also recommended to visit the Henry Ford Museum in the suburb of Dearborn, and the Greenfield Village, which has the largest collection in relation to America. The higher educational institutions of the city are the University of Detroit Mercy, the Oakland University and the Madonna University.
Photo: Detroit, Michigan, USA, flickr.com, by redmann


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The capital of the state is Lansing, which is also the administrative center of Michigan. It’s worth to visit the Michigan Historical Museum here, which introduces the history of the state to us. The factories of the legendary Oldsmobile were situated in the city for a long time; however General Motors decided to stop the production of the brand. The R. E. Olds Transportation Museum is in a memory of the Oldsmobile and shows the story of the production.
Photo: State House, Lansing, Michigan, USA, flickr.com, by ifmuth

Ann Arbor is the University City of the state. It is the home of the largest campus of the state, the University of Michigan. There are several artistic and movie festivals during the year in the city. It’s worth to visit the Kelsey Museum of Archeology, where we may find ancient Greek and Roman collections.
Ann Arbor
Photo: Ann Arbor, Michigan, USA, flickr.com, by gavin clabaugh

Grand Rapids is primarily famous for the former president, Gerald R. Ford. The former president was born and raised up in the city; the Gerald R. Ford Museum talks about his walk of life.
Grand Rapids
Photo: Grand Rapids, Michigan, USA, flickr.com, by ifmuth

If you happen to have a little extra time, go and discover the rural territories of Michigan. Visit the coastal villages of Lake Michigan; they have sandy beaches, popular harbors and resorts, which attract the people who want to have a rest.

For those, who want to go on an exciting adventure tour in an ancient forest with various flora and fauna, we recommend the exploration of the Upper Peninsula. One will find the untouched Hiawatha National Forest here and the Pictured Rocks National Lakeshore and the Porcupine Mountains Wilderness State Park.

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