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Nickname: Bay State
Area: 7 826 sq.mi. (20 269.2 km2)
Highest point: Mount Greylock 3 487 ft. (1 062.8 m)
Population: 6 159 500
Capital: Boston
Largest city: Boston

Massachusetts lies in the North-Eastern corner of the United States. Together with 5 other surrounding states (Vermont, New Hampshire, Maine, Connecticut, Rhode Island) they are called “New England”. This name was given by the British Settlers in the early 17th century, for its climate is very similar to Great Britain’s; however the winters are much colder here. The region is rich of historical and cultural traditions. Its early history is the history of the United States itself. The first settlers arrived to this territory, and created their own colony.

The Western territories of Massachusetts are covered with wonderful forests, lakes and small villages.  Its Eastern side is bordered by the Atlantic-Ocean. We might run into nice coastal villages and the largest city of the New-England region, Boston.
Photo: Country, Massachusetts, USA, flickr.com, by Usonian

The smaller cities which are worthy to visit are Plymouth, Salem and Concord.


Plymouth is situated on the South-Eastern part of the state, on the coast of the Atlantic-Ocean. It’s famous because the settlers founded the first cities in this territory in the early 17th century. The Plymouth Plantation represents this era. The city is also known for its beach, which stretches several miles long along the coast.
Photo: Plymouth Court House, Massachusetts, USA, flickr.com, jimmywayne22

The small city of Salem is famous for its museums, like the Peabody Essex Museum, where one may find treasures from Asia and the Salem Witch Museum, which is an exhibition about the old witchcraft trials.
Photo: Salem, Massachusetts, USA, flickr.com, Elizabeth Thomsen

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It’s worth to visit the Minute Man National Historic Park in Concord. It is a memory of one of the largest battles in the War of Independence.

You must also visit to the wonderful islands of the state, called the Cape Cod, the famous Martha’s Vineyard and the Nantucket Islands. Their beautiful coastlines and beaches offer a great chance for swimmers, sailors and wind surfers.
Cape Cod
Photo: Cape Cod, Massachusetts, USA, flickr.com, Chris Seufert

Martha’s Vineyard is one of the most popular resting places in the USA. It’s full of cottages and other recreational facilities.
Martha's Vineyard
Photo: Martha's Vineyard, Massachusetts, USA, flickr.com, auburnxc

We recommend the Nantucket Island for those, who prefer a calm place to a creepy one. This island mainly preserved its original flora and fauna, and it’s less built in, than the other islands.


Boston is situated in the Massachusetts Bay, and it is one of the oldest and largest cities on the Eastern coast of the USA. The population of Great-Boston (including the suburbs) is almost 2 million.
Photo: Boston, Massachusetts, USA, flickr.com, poplinre

The most beautiful building in Boston is the Massachusetts State House, which is the capitol. It is worth to visit the famous Theatre Quarter of Boston, because there are several old theatres here, and one may watch a lot of performances too. The largest shopping quarter of the city is the popular Downtown Crossing, which is full of shops. One may find the third largest Chinatown here in the whole country, which is full of Chinese shops and restaurants. It’s worth to pay a visit to the wonderful building of the Athenaeum. We’ll find renowned artistic collections here, which were the private collections of George Washington and William III, British ruler. Probably the most elegant quarters of Boston is Beacon Hill, which has a lot of majestic houses form the 18th and 19th centuries, which we definitely recommend to the visitors. The Boston Common and Public Garden is the largest park of Boston. A state of George Washington stands in the middle. The other famous buildings, which are worthy to visit, are the following: the Old State House, which was the former Parliament of the Federal States; Quincy Market, which is a popular shopping mall and entertainment center; the Old North Church, which is the oldest Church in the city; and one of the most beautiful buildings in the USA, the charming Trinity Church. In addition, it is worth to take a walk on Commonwealth Avenue, which is the famous boulevard of Boston, flanked by beautiful houses; and to visit the most beautiful square of the city, Copley Square.

We must also say a few words about the area of Great-Boston. We may find Cambridge here, home of the well-known Harvard University. The cultural lives of the suburbs are really colorful; they are the homes of several museums. The Museum of Fine Arts is a magnificent museum, the John F. Kennedy Library and Museum talks about the life and work of the popular American President and the Isabel Stewart Gardner Museum offers a collection of fantastic painting for the guests.

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