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Nickname: Pine Tree State
Area: 30 995 sq.mi. (80 276.7 km2)
Highest point: Mount Katahdin 5 267 ft. (1 605.4 m)
Population: 1 251 400
Capital: Augusta
Largest city: Portland

Maine lies in the North-Eastern corner of the United States. Together with 5 other surrounding states (Vermont, New Hampshire, Massachusetts, Connecticut, Rhode Island) they are called “New England”. This name was given by the British Settlers in the early 17th century, for its climate is very similar to Great Britain’s; however the winters are much colder here. The region is rich of historical and cultural traditions. Its early history is the history of the United States itself. The first settlers arrived to this territory, and created their own colony.
Photo: Portland, Maine, USA, flickr.com, by Corey Templeton

Maine is the largest of the states of New England. It’s bordered by Canada on the North and West, and the Atlantic-Ocean of the long Eastern side. There are busy harbors along the coastline. A lot of fishing vessels depart from its ports in every season. The high peaks and steep slopes of the Appalachian, Green and White Mountains offer a great chance to ski in the central part of the state.

The most famous sight of the state is the Acadia National Park. We recommend you to visit this 15 thousand acre park, which offers a beautiful scene with its various vegetation and fauna in the summer time, because of the weather.
Acadia National Park
Photo: Acadia National Park, Maine, USA, flickr.com, by jps246

The most famous ski center in Maine is called Sugarloaf, which has more than 100 tracks, restaurants and hotels waiting for the skiers.
Photo: Sugarloaf, Maine, USA, flickr.com, by jack heddon

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Bethel, the home of the Grafton Notch State Park, is also a popular ski resort in the state.
Photo: Bethel, Maine, USA, flickr.com, by allysonkalea


Portland is the largest city of Maine. It has a busy harbor. Portland is full of old buildings from the 19th century. It’s worth to visit the Portland Museum of Art, where we may find amazing paintings. There’s also a Children’s Museum, dedicated to the children. The most beautiful building of the city is the United States Custom House. One may take a look at old steam locomotives and railway carriages, which were used in the state in the 19th century, in the museum of the local railroad company.
Portland Photo: Portland, Maine, USA, flickr.com, by Rob Goodspeed

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