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Nickname: Hawkeye State
Area: 55 965 sq.mi. (144 948.7 km2)
Highest point: Osceola County 1 670 ft. (509 m)
Population: 2 866 800
Capital: Des Moines
Largest city: Des Moines

The greater part of Iowa is flat and hilly. Its highest point over the sea-level is only a few hundred meters. It’s known for its agriculture, and they call is the granary of the USA as well. Iowa has many middle-sized cities: Sioux City, Council Bluffs on the West, Mason City, Fort Dodge, Waterloo, Ames and Des Moines in the middle and Dubuque, Cedar Rapids, Clinton, Davenport, Bettendorf and Burlington on the Eastern side.
Photo: Countryside, Iowa, USA, flickr.com, by iowa_spirit_walker



The largest city of Iowa is Des Moines. The city is an important agricultural, transformational and entertaining center. They organize the Iowa State Fair here once a year, which is well-known in the Middle-West. It’s worth to visit the famous building of the State Capitol, and also to visit the Des Moines Art Center, where we might find the works of such popular artists as: Andy Warhol or Henry Matisse. The Iowa Historical Building tells the history of the city to us.
Des Moines
Photo: Des Moines, Iowa, USA, flickr.com, by gocyclones

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The second largest city of the state is Cedar Rapids on the Eastern side. It’s recommended to visit the Cedar Rapids Museum of Art, which has a wonderful artistic collection and the History Center, which introduces the history of the city to us.
Cedar Rapids
Photo: Cedar Rapids, Iowa, USA, flickr.com, by Chepner

The third largest city of Iowa is Sioux City, on the riverside of the Missouri. The city is an important transformational center, with its busy harbor and railway station. The Dorothy Pecaut Nature Center, which is situated in the Stone State Park, is an interesting sight to visit.

It’s worth to pay a visit to Iowa City, which is the former capital of the state. Do visit the magnificent building of the Old State Capitol, which has now turned into a museum, and it’s also worthy to visit the Herbert Hoover National Historic Site, which introduces the life of the former president, Herbert Hoover to us.
Iowa City
Photo: Iowa City, Iowa, USA, flickr.com, by rwclark

Don’t miss out the oldest city of the state, Dubuque, where the Mississippi River Museum tells us interesting facts about the history of the river.
Photo: Dubuque, Iowa, USA, flickr.com, by yark64

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