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Nickname: Hoosier State
Area: 35 936 sq.mi. (93 073.8 km2)
Highest point: Franklin Township 1 257 ft. (383.1 m)
Population: 922 900
Capital: Indianapolis
Largest city: Indianapolis

Indiana State is bordered by the Lake Michigan and Michigan State from North, Ohio State from East, the Ohio River and Kentucky State on South and the Wabash River and Illinois State from West. It would be pointless to search for higher highland territories in the state, since entire state is a flatland, crosses by several smaller rivers and a lake.
Photo: Country, Indiana, USA, flickr.com, by Idiolector


The largest city is Indianapolis, which is also its capital. There are some other middle-sized cities in the state. The city is the transportational, financial, commercial, educational and cultural center. The higher educational institutions of the state are: the University of Indianapolis, the Martin University and the Butler University. The main square of Indianapolis is the Monument Circle, it has a giant obelisk in the center as a tribute to the soldiers and mariners. It is worth to visit the famous museums of the city: the Indiana State Museum, which is about the history of the state; the Indianapolis Museum of Art, which is a fantastic artistic collection; and the Children’s Museum, which is primarily dedicated to amuse the children.
Photo: Indianapolis, Indiana, USA, flickr.com, by va_morgan_lpn

The city may thank its fame to the world of motorsport. It hosts the famous Indianapolis 500 each year on the Indianapolis Motor Speedway. Lately, it has been the host of some rounds of the Formula 1 as well.
Photo: Indiana Motor Speedway, Indianapolis, Indiana, USA, flickr.com, by Mike Mertz,

The city of Fort Wayne is located North-East from Indianapolis. The city has more than 200 thousand inhabitants, and the Lincoln Museum is meant to introduce the life and work of Abraham Lincoln President. It is an important transformational center.
Fort Wayne
Photo: Fort Wayne, Indiana, USA, flickr.com, by scottfw

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South-West from the capital lays the University City, Bloomington, which is the home town of the Indiana University. It’s worth to pay a visit to the Indiana University Art Center, where we might find the works of such popular artists as: Andy Warhol, Claude Monet or Henry Matisse.
Photo: Sample Gates, Indiana University, Bloomington, Indiana, USA, flickr.com, by benclark

If we can spend a little more time in the state, it’s worth to visit the Southern territories as well. We might want to travel to the giant forest of the Hoosier National Forest in the South-Eastern region. We may also visit the resort on the side of Lake Michigan, and have a rest on their wonderful beaches. The Indiana National Lakeshore is a reservation. Its vegetation and fauna amuses all visitors.

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