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Nickname: Aloha State
Area: 6 427 sq.mi. (16 645.9 km2)
Highest point: Mauna Kea 13 796 ft. (4 205 m)
Population: 1 192 200
Capital: Honolulu
Largest city: Honolulu

Probably it is unnecessary to introduce the famous Tropical paradise, Hawaii. It is situated half-way between America and Asia in the middle of the Pacific-Ocean. Its population is not much more than 1 million. A third of its inhabitants are Japanese, another third is Polynesian and the last third is various white people. The population primarily works in tourism for a living, but the agriculture is also important. There are excellent pineapple, coffee and sugar-cane plantations on the islands. There are 8 islands in the group: Ni’hau, Kaua’i, O’ahu, Moloka’i, Lana’i, Kaho’olawe, Maui and Hawaii. Six million tourists visit the Hawaiian-Islands each year. The majority of the tourists come by airplanes, but those, who have some extra time and are more daring, can come by luxurious liners, which leave regularly form the Western harbors of the USA. Its climate features a warm, dry summer from May till October, and a colder and wet winter from November till April.
Photo: Honolulu, Hawaii, USA, flickr.com, by swang168

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The most popular and populous island of Hawaii is O’ahu Island. The capital, Honolulu and the international airport are both found here, this is where the majority of the tourists arrive. They head of for the other places from here too. It’s recommended to pay a visit to the former Royal Palace in the historical quarter of Honolulu. One of the first Catholic Churches is the Kawaiaha Church, which was built in 1842 of coral blocks. Naturally, visiting Waikiki is also a must. This is one of the most famous beaches in the world. Seventy thousand people come here every day to sunbathe or to swim in the ocean. The Bishop Museum is also an interesting place to visit, which show the culture of the Polynesian. The Pearl Harbor has become a place of pilgrimage, where one may see the USS Arizona Memorial cruiser, which sank half-way under in World War II.
Photo: Oahu, Hawaii, USA, flickr.com, by marada

Kaua'i’s, also called the Garden Island is the precious stone of the Hawaiian Islands, for it has beautiful beaches and a romantic countryside. The farthest point of the island can easily reached within 2 or 3 hours by car, so one can come handy here. Lihu’e is the center of administration and finance on the island. It has a nice beach and a waterfall, just on the seashore. It’s worth not missing the Waimea Canyon out, which is also said to be the Grand Canyon of the Pacific Ocean. The Koke’e State Park is found on the Northern part of the Canyon. It is a rainforest, with rare bird species.
Photo: Kauai, Hawaii, USA, flickr.com, by schworer

Moloka’i Island is the middle of the group of islands. Its capital is Kaunakakai, which was the center of the pineapple and sugar-cane plantations. Today it greets the tourists, and it is famous for the largest underwater cliffs in the world.   The Kalaupapa National Historical Park is to be found on the island. It has various vegetation and fauna.
Photo: Molokai, Hawaii, USA, flickr.com, by "amelia"

The second largest island is Maui. One may find the ancient capital, Lahaina here, which was the center of the Hawaiian Kingdom until 1845. Nowadays it’s a popular harbor, and it has a beautiful beach covered with white sand. The popular resorts of the island are Ka’anapali and the village of Kapalue with huge luxurious hotels and marvelous bays. It is worth to take an excursion to the top of the resting volcano, the Pu’u’Ula’ula, which is also the highest peak of the island. There’s a fantastic view off the more than 3000 meters tall cliff of the volcano.
Photo: Maui, Hawaii, USA, flickr.com, by schworer

The largest island in the group is the Hawaii Island itself. The island is more than 10 000 square kilometers, which is both the size of the rest of the islands together. The two largest mountains of the islands are to be found here. The aspiring high Mauna Loa, and the Kilauea, which is the most active volcano is the world. The largest city of the island, which is the second largest in the territory, is Hilo, populated primarily by Japanese and Philippians people. Rain showers are quite frequent here, due to the large mountains. There are nearly 300 rainy days in a year. This basically influences the characteristics of the island. It is primarily visited for its national park (e.g.: Hawai’i Volcanoes National Park).
Hilton Village, Hawaii
Photo: Hilton Village, Hawaii, USA, flickr.com, by Heather_n_Guy

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