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Nickname: Peach State
Area: 58 060 sq.mi (150 374.7 km2)
Highest point: Brasstown Bald 4 784 ft. (1 458.2 m)
Population: 7 739 900
Capital: Atlanta
Largest city: Atlanta

Until the acquisition of Florida from the Spanish in 1819, Georgia State was the most South state of the USA. As a slave state it joined the Southern States during the civilian was between 1861 and 1865. It suffered significant severe damages in the war, on which it couldn’t get over until the 20th century, which brought rapid development for the state. It is a densely populated state. It is covered by forest on the North, on the slopes of the Appalachian Mountains. Its central and Southern parts are flatlands. In the 18th century, the countryside was covered with rice fields and cotton-patches. However, the nowadays the significance of the agriculture fell back, and a well-developed industry took its place over.
Photo: Countryside, Blairsville, Georgia, USA, flickr.com, by Toni Travels


The largest city of the state is Atlanta, which was among the most rapidly developing cities in the USA in the past few years. It is the center of administration, transportation, education and finance too. It was the host of the Summer Olympic Games in 1996. The city is the seat of the famous refreshment-giant Coca-Cola and the world’s largest news television, the CNN. They even let the tourists to visit their offices. The state is the home of several higher-educational institutions, like the Georgia State University, the Clark Atlanta University and the Atlanta Christian College. It’s worth to visit the famous museums and historical memories of the city: the High Museum, which is a fantastic artistic collection; the Fernbank Natural History Museum, which is a scientific exhibition; and the Atlanta History Center, which introduces us to the history of the city. We should miss out on the other sights, like the Martin Luther King History Site, which shows the life of the well-knows man, fighting for the civil rights of the black people, and the magnificent botanical garden, the Atlanta Botanical Gardens.
Photo: Atlanta, Georgia, USA, flickr.com, by mre770, Atlanta

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If you have the chance, do visit the national parks of the state. The Chattahoochee National Forest is in the Northern part of Georgia. It is an ancient forest with various fauna and vegetation. The Okefenokee Swamp is in the Southern part of the state. Lizards and birds live here. It’s worth to check out the Stone Mountain Park as well, where the images of three heroes of the civil war are carved into the granite wall of the mountain, just like near Mount Rushmore.
Stone Mountain Park
Photo: Stone Mountain Park, Georgia, USA, flickr.com, by Gymnasia


Savannah is the largest coastal city of Georgia. Some say it is the most beautiful city on the East coast. The city was founded in the early 18th century, and its old building and wonderful parks borrow an idyllic picture to the city. Do visit the famous museums of the city: the Maritime Museum, which is an exhibition on ships; the Ralph Mark Gilbert Civil Rights Museum, which introduces the history of the city to us. It’s also worth to take a look at the Pulaski National Monument, which is an old fortress, and the Bonaventure Cemetery, which is the resting place of the singer, Johnny Mercer.
Photo: Savannah, Gerogia, USA, flickr.com, by j.s. Clark

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